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Globe Artichoke is a small business based in Paekakariki on the Kapiti Coast, just outside Wellington. The idea started from grassroots and has grown as the necessity for people to take rest and de-stress explodes in our fast moving and changing lifestyles.  Meditation, Restorative, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra have steadily become very popular and favourite practices, encouraging stability, nourishment and balance in people's lives regardless of age and physical background. 

Owner, Lianne Brooks Hall, a Yoga teacher of over 20 years and passionate about the mental, emotional and physical benefits of Yoga, started by making 10 bolsters as a request for a friend’s new Yoga studio. What began as a small business idea, making individual orders for students, teachers and friends naturally emerged as a beneficial product to meet people's individual needs. Using the comfort of Yoga props to support any Meditation and Yoga practice helps to slow down and take rest with ease. 

Fabrics are carefully selected, 100% cotton and constantly changing. The standard filling is New Zealand wool, densely filled for comfort and firm support. Wool is the perfect filler that is natural and moisture repellent which is perfect for our NZ climate. For an alternate filling, buckwheat husks mould and contour to the natural body shape. (Available only for meditation cushions and mini bolsters). 

Every bolster is thoughtfully handmade from choosing beautiful fabrics, to the cutting, sewing and filling. 

Lianne is now growing Globe Artichoke with her mother Celia, who brings an array of sewing talents and awarded dressmaking skills to the fold. A combination of mother and daughter come together to produce lovingly crafted Yoga props to serve the Yoga community of New Zealand.


I often get asked why I chose the name Globe Artichoke for a little business that makes yoga props. The connections might not be immediately obvious, but the humble Globe Artichoke is actually a great symbol of what we value about yoga, and how we hope to support you in your personal yoga journey. 

If you’ve never seen one, this special vegetable has rings of ‘petals’ around a hidden inner ‘heart’. This heart is the tastiest part and the true essence of the Artichoke… but to get to it you have to diligently peel back all the tough, spiky little layers that protect the plant’s soft centre from the elements. Your persistence is rewarded not only with the heart’s natural sweetness, but with serious nourishment too – Globe Artichokes are one of nature’s superfoods and packed with antioxidants. They’re robust and wonderfully sculptural to look at, and bloom a very pretty flower that bees absolutely love. So as well as boosting your health, they brighten the lives of others.

Lianne & Celia